Filtration and Oiling

The IMS Solution employs an oil fed plain bearing, requiring clean, pressurized oil to ensure proper operation.Through extensive testing, it was determined the best location to supply pressurized oil was from the discharge side of the oil filter. Other locations either suffered from lower oil pressure or large fluctuations in pressure, resulting in improper operation of lifters or variable cam timing.

The IMS Solution was tested in extreme hot and cold and subjected to operating conditions likely never to be duplicated including forced overheating. We even tested using very thin oils resulting in less than adequate oil pressure without any detrimental effects to the bearing nor to the engine.
Unlike the ball or roller bearings which cannot by design take sustained oil temperatures over 250F, the IMS Solution was designed to accept sustained oil temperatures up to 300F!

imss-diagram-transparentPart of the installation of an IMS Solution includes the spin-on oil filter adapter, specifically designed to allow for a constant stream of clean, pressurized oil to the bearing.

The close proximity of the IMS to the oil filter allows for a very short oil line which is very well protected from road debris or other hazards that could cause a loss of oil or oil pressure. To ensure the strongest line possible, the oil lines supplied feature crimped ends and are actually brake lines manufactured by an aftermarket supplier of brake lines (and 100% pressure tested), so they are tough! A loss of oil due to line breakage or bending is highly unlikely in any case. Due to a filtered supply from the spin-on filter adapter, there is little chance of a piece of debris plugging the oil feed line as well.

The filter used is a Napa Gold 1348, which crosses over to filters manufactured by Mobil 1, K&N, Mahle, Mann, and other quality filters worldwide, making oil changes quick and clean. The supplied filter uses a similar bypass valve to the factory filter cartridge arrangement, but at a higher bypass pressure. The supplied Napa Gold 1348 uses a superior resin impregnated media to capture more contaminants than an OE filter. The size of filter used provides a safe ground clearance without sacrificing function or performance.

This filter is sized accordingly for the recommended 5,000 mile / 6 month drain interval. In fact, this filter is used in other applications where drain intervals of 10,000 miles or more. Our recommended drain intervals come from examination of hundreds of engines suffering from the ill effects of long drain intervals.

Even though we use NASCAR proven DLC coating technology to improve lubricity, reduce startup wear, and protect the bearing during momentary low pressure situations, we advise that since the M96 and M97 engine is known to suffer from oil starvation on the track, that oil system modifications including the addition of the LN 2 QT deep sump and use of superior racing oils, like Joe Gibbs Driven XP9, for track use are necessary to ensure adequate lubrication of the IMS Solution plain bearing at all times.


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