Will it fit?

The Single Row IMS Solution fits model year 2000 through 2005 engines with the single row bearing IMS. The Dual Row IMS Solution fits model year 1997 through 2001 engines originally equipped with dual row bearing IMS.

The IMS Solution also fits any intermediate shafts previously upgraded with LN Engineering’s IMS Upgrade triple row bearing IMS assembly.
Model year 2000 and 2001 engines came from the factory with either a dual row or a single row bearing IMS. Some late model year 2005 engines were also fitted with a larger bearing that is not serviceable without a complete teardown of the engine. As such you must identify which bearing was used to verify compatibility.

Model year 2006 through 2008 engines can be updated to the IMS Solution during a rebuild when the engine case has been split. This is accomplished using an adapter bushing that is part of the IMS Solution 106-08.60 kit and also allows the IMS to be serviced, if required, without engine disassembly in the future.
See IMS 101 page to learn more.


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